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Register and induct through our Online Induction System

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You and your employees are required to register and induct through our Online Induction system.

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Step 1. Employee/Subcontractor/Labour Hire Employee
If you are an employee/subcontractor/labour hire you are required to register your details and complete the Online Induction.

Note that dependant on your role, you will not be authorised to undertake work until these have been provided and verified.

Step 2. Company Representative/Consultant
If you are a company representative or a consultant, you are required to register your company details.

This only needs to be completed once for each organisation. Once registered, you must provide the above information (Step 1) to ALL employees which will be undertaking works on site. If your company has engaged subcontractors/labour hire personnel, it is your responsibility to notify their company representatives that they must also complete this registration process.

Further Information:

Privacy Statement We acknowledge and respect the privacy of individuals and will operate in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988  as amended and covers all our operations and functions. We will not collect personal information unless the information is necessary for its business purposes. Collection of personal information will be fair, lawful and non-intrusive. We will only collect sensitive information with the individual’s consent or as required by law. Personal information will only be used for the purposes for which it was collected. If you or your workers have any difficulties in completing this, please email us at: